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Linkedin Buddy System Overview

My mentor Randy Clark used to tell me, “Chris, you’re not learning if you’re not teaching.” I’ve come to realize this is true. What I’ve also learned is that you’re not teaching if you’re not sharing. Candidly, I struggle to post on Linkedin. It’s a powerful professional network that has evolved in recent years. I believe in the power of a strong network.

Last week I saw a video from this guy named Finn on Linkedin. He was sharing about a buddy system he and a friend made to help them post on Linkedin. I saw a friend that I’ve only met one time 9 years ago comment on the post and say they’d like a Linkedin buddy. I thought, “It’s time to get focused.” So, Greg Rosner at PitchKitchen and I have put together a program to help us charge forward on Linkedin. We’ve made our little endeavor available to help others do more good with LinkedIn.


It’s a Linkedin buddy system designed to get you posting on Linkedin while helping others along the way. If you don’t post for your designated number of times in a given period you have to donate to your buddy’s charity. It’s that simple.


  • Pick-a-buddy
  • Buy into the program (optional, but that’s what we did)
  • Define your duration and frequency commitments
  • Choose your own charity or non-profit
  • Pick your donation amount per failure
  • Do a weekly check-in (hmmm…did I hit my goal?)
  • Include the hashtag #linkedinforgood with each post

Here’s our example:


Greg Rosner

Chris Allen

 Name Of Charity

Nyack Center

Hydrating Humanity

 Amount Donated per failure



 Frequency of Posting

Once a week

Twice a week

 Duration (Start date/End Date)

Dec 19,2018 – Jan 18 2019

 Buy-in (Optional but prove it)



 What Counts?

Native content

Native content


  • For other to share stories of pay-it-forward impact
  • Having a plan for your Linkedin posts
  • Having someone to talk to encourage and alleviate post anxiety
  • Give people a reason to post
  • Getting an accountability partner to help you execute on your desire to share on Linkedin
  • The act of participating in the challenge is Linkedin-for-good (Good for you by doing good for the community while developing meaningful connections)
  • Brings strangers together sharing common interests


  • Share and promote what someone is doing that is meaningful and powerful
  • How you help develop people – “whiteboarding”.
  • Sharing what you know and what you’re good at
  • Video, blog, message, picture, event, etc.


  • Build a plan
  • It’s ok to post whether you own your own business or when working with a company – (Overcome FOR – fear of retribution)
  • Share what you care about and what’s meaningful to you
  • Don’t think…just do

Here is the video of Greg and I fleshing this out real-time…

Share with us what has happened with your experience in the comments or on Linkedin of course.


  1. Designatude

    Hi Chris –

    Happy I came across this piece. I am in the process of setting up my LinkedIn account for better B2B leads for my SEO services that I provide. This seems like a great system to hold people like me accountable for being consistent with my article and posting efforts.

    I am going to dig a bit deeper into this buddy system, once I get my account all set up and looking sharp.

    Thank you for sharing my friend!


    • Chris

      This helped me gain meaningful connections and dramatically improved engagement. Loved it and looking to do it again.

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