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Starting a Company Should Be Easier

Each month in the US over 400,000 new businesses are born. At Firmtree, we believe that these new entrepreneurs are
concerned about the health of their business. It’s because opening a business requires a sizable financial and time investment.
Entrepreneurs want to be successful and not wasteful, and to do that they know that they need help. Where do they searching
for help? Well, there are over 12 million searches online concerning vital startup and business growth topics each month in the
US alone. Which is why we believe it’s our job to provide a collection of resources that directly addresses this need.

Business Vitality Is Our Business

The statistic that keeps us up at night and it’s how many new businesses don’t see a second year…and it’s half. Firmtree exists to influence that number toward a decline. Every startup dream has a story, people who are invested, and key challenges that require dynamic solutions. Help is required. Which is why we create resources to help startups get going and then concentrated on 4 key areas:

  1. Increasing traffic to the business
  2. Creating repeat business
  3. Accelerating velocity at checkout
  4. Growing the average ticket price.

Success varies for many, but it’s possible for more entrepreneurs than are currently experiencing it.


getting work done

Finding a Better Way

We’ve assembled a team of experts and a network of professionals to help the everyday entrepreneur
find better ways to do business. There are 5 common things that business owners are looking for:
1) Ideas to win, 2) Resources to execute, 3) Scale to grow, 4) Visibility to improve, and 5) Profitability
to make all this work…worth it. The good news is we can help in each of these areas.

Deliver Information

We work hard to create or curate information that you can use each and every day to build a series of successes.

Build Tools

Every business owner wants their business to be strong, safe, and secure. We build tools to do just that.

Make Connections

Entrepreneurs need the right team. Our members leverage our network of providers to intelligently develop that team.


Advantages In Commerce

A key place for entrepreneurs to gain an advantage is at the moment of a transaction. There are a series of optimizations available here. We spend a lot of time helping business owners pick the right point of sale, payment processing, customer loyalty and other growth solutions to capitalize on the full value of that moment.

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