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Financial plans are important for small and medium sized businesses. One of the most important reasons for creating a business plan is to forecast what your financials may look like in two or three years for your new or current business. The FirmTree financial modeling tool is based on the collection of three key categories of business assumptions packaged into familiar document types for you to use and share.

Information About Your Business

These questions collect some basic information about your business that is used throughout the modeling. The most important assumption collected in this category is the type of business. This business type will drive the rest of the questionnaire specifically related to your type of business. This section also collects information about any business loan or investment funds you have or expect to receive.

What You Plan To Sell

This category of questions collects all the necessary information about how you sell your products or services. It works based on a bottoms-up approach collecting some of the most basic information about how you plan to sell, and then our model will calculate a revenue forecast for you from this information.

About What You Spend

This category of questions collects your most common and important expenses. Presumably, all your expenses help contribute to selling more products and services, but the model will calculate and compare your expenses against your revenue to see a bottom line profit or loss. There are three primary expense areas in the set of questions about spending: cost of good, employee costs, and operating costs.

Easy To Use Documents

With the package you’ll receive a zip file with a Word document and an Excel document. Read the Word document as the how-to guide to best use the financial modeling tool. The Excel document requires inputs on the ‘Questionnaire’ tab to deliver the complete 3-year financial plan on the ‘P&L Details’ tab.

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Wouldn’t you like to know what your finances will look like in a few years?

By modeling your business financially, you can make better decisions. The last thing you need in your business is to “go out on a limb” by making financial decisions for your business with no idea if you’re going to make it or not. Creating a model based on your choice of “assumptions” will help you assess if your assumptions are correct. By tracking your actual results against your plan you can easily determine if you are “over plan,” “under plan,” or “on plan.” Of course, if you are over or under plan you can make important business adjustment decisions early to improve your business. Also, by continuing to remodel your financial plan over time, you can stay on top of your progress and better manage your future.

Enjoy the planning guide.