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An Entrepreneur has vision. Startups require action.

There’s dreaming with the confidence of success and then there’s actually doing the work. Like many of us we have great ideas just sitting around on the shelf. But, for a select few there comes a time when you make the decision to start building. Even with the risk, not to mention the host of challenges that await you on the other side of that decision, you know success is possible. At Firmtree we help Entrepreneurs develop the plans required to build something great that lasts. We make it our business to package up our experience as business owners to help you bring your idea to life. You can expect us to deliver rich content, useful tools, and some good old-fashioned motivation to get you started and keep your business moving forward every day.

The art and science of the startup

Right now you’re building an engine. For that engine to carry the weight of success you need the inspiration of art and the discipline of science. To do that takes both a commitment to the process and following some proven frameworks from other successful startups.

Each entrepreneur makes over one thousand decisions regarding the nature and design of the business from day one to critical mass. Our resources are designed to shape how you think about starting your business to give you a strong foundation you can grow from.

the art and science of the startup with two entrepereneurs

Activating Your Idea

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Taking The Next Step

It’s impossible for entrepreneurs to know everything about starting, running and growing a business. We’ve designed some free information resources that can help with that. Below are some pieces that are the four best next steps when preparing to start a business. Along the way we’ll introduce some frameworks and systems to help you start off strong.

How to start a business

Learn about four key tasks each entrepreneur does when starting a business.

Looking for business ideas

Some entrepreneurs only have general direction on what idea to build. It’s good practice to test before you build.

Building your startup business plan

Learn about the three main success factors that should be spelled out in your business plan.

Your Team of Small Business Services

Every entrepreneur needs a good team. That means great employees, but even more reliable vendors.

The Time Is Now

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
Peter DruckerManagement consultant, educator, and author
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